SIBUSISIWE FOUNDATION likes to assist where it is most urgently needed and there appears little hope for any other assistance to be forthcoming.
1. With the assistance of different institutions and / or organisations and the Community we want to build home based care centres, which will provide a stable and secure environment for children over weekends and after school, with various extramural activities. The objective being to lower the risk of HIV/AIDS.
2. To identify and assist families and older people who do not receive Government grants nor have any other form of sustainable income and/or are affected by HIV/AIDS.
3. To identify and assist impoverished promising young scholars who might abandon their studies due to lack of funds.
4. Continued and sustained involvement with Soccer and Netball tournaments.
5. Build more housing for needy, impoverished families.
6. Contribute to alleviating the backlog in the infrastructure of schools by being involved and influential in addressing building needs, sports facilities and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) facilities by building Computer Learning Centres.
7. Contribute towards empowering and educating our community.
8. To work in collaboration with other stakeholders and organisations resulting in greater impact all around.
Our vision is to uplift and develop our community towards a better future and successful life.

To serve and provide for the poor and needy with integrity, regardless of race, creed or age, in order to restore their human dignity.
During 2010 we donated food and clothing to different orphanages & home based care initiatives.
Mr Mokoana receives a brand new home from Sibusiswe Foundations. September 2011
Sibusisiwe Foundations is helping build South Africa Music Culture with Elements of Sound.
Lima Tryphinah Thokozile in Daantjie receives her new home 24 September 2011
Community members of Ngwenyeni Trust painting Thula Primary School on Mandela day 2011
Handing over school uniforms to seven learners of Thula primary school
Handing over of school uniforms and kit for drum majorettes at Mbhuzini Village
Winter games - Ngwenyeni Trust
Gogo Sambo received a House donated to her 12 December 2009
Summer Games - Kamhlushwa Stadium
Sibusisiwe Foundation hosted & sponsored Summer and Winter Games during 2009
Some of the other projects Sibusisiwe Foundation has been involved with during the last few years:
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Much needed wheelchairs and a water tank donated to Nanthituba Stimulation Center Mpuluzi
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Sibusisiwe Foundation linked hands with Ligwalagwala FM to treat 15 orphans from each Uthando & Ncedanani Houses to a Wimpy breakfast.
Celebrating the launch of the Sibusisiwe Foundation website.